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October 25, 2014

We have recently cleared a small area near the counter to start selling our favourite magazines and we love this space. If you haven’t yet visited why not bob in soon and here is a selection of the current magazines to whet your appetite for print with more being added each month.

shelves kinfolk

Next to arrive is UPPERCASE.

the simple things oh comely

 If you have any suggestions for creative magazines you would like us to stock then please do let us know and we can check them out for you.

We all Cast Shadows Thursday 2nd October 2014 An exhibtion about the lost and found

September 25, 2014

We all Cast Shadows Poster small

This exhibition at Heart Gallery is Gillian Lee Smith’s first solo show and she chose to launch this series of paintings with us so we are ever so excited about it. Her paintings portray ‘all the times we stand alone and all the times we stand together’. It is about loneliness, isolation, shared experiences, connections and a sense of community.

front small

Gillian is a mixed media artist based in Nottingham and graduated from Edinburgh College of Art in Performance Costume in 2005. This took Gillian on a journey from sculpture to solely dedication her time to her paintings three years ago, all inspired by her fascination with dreams and memories and the art of storytelling.

Gillian Lee Smith - Artist

Gillian Lee Smith – Artist

Gillian describes herself as an ‘emotionally curious’ artist who is constantly searching for the answers; travelling through the historical pages of time, connecting and creating her own visual interpretation of people, stories and events.

Gillian's self-portrait

Gillian’s self-portrait

We all Cast Shadows is inspired by tales of women who were left husbandless during the war, in fishing and mining communities. It was this sense of pulling together, helping one another survive in uncertain times, that the strength and beauty of the human spirit shone through.

Detail from Gillian's sketchbook; part of We all Cast Shadows

Detail from Gillian’s sketchbook; part of We all Cast Shadows

Gillian’s work is imbued with atmosphere, storytelling and emotion. Her paintings encompass layers of narrative, layers of paint, memories and dreams. She is inspired by history, women walking the coast searching for long-lost souls, characters who throughout their life carry with them a reminder of times gone by. Communities that are both fractured and brought together by difficult times play their part in connecting the shadows we cast and the shadows that comfort us.

Details from Gillian's sketchbook; part of We all Cast Shadows

Details from Gillian’s sketchbook; part of We all Cast Shadows

Gillian works primarily in acrylics and oils on board and mixed media on paper. Gillian’s exhibition at Heart Gallery is a collection of original paintings that depict the communities of women, independent and strong, raising their children whilst their men are away from home. This is the start of Gillian’s anthology of work that has touched her heart and spoken to her soul.

Middle left small



Please contact the gallery for your invitation and the exhibition runs until 11th January 2015.


Meet The Maker – Isobel Cortese

September 23, 2014
Isobel Cortese

Isobel Cortese

Isobel designs and creates bespoke terrariums. Combining her passion for plants and all things quirky, she is re-kindling this popular Victorian trend but with a modern twist.

Large terrarium showing a washing line scene

Large terrarium showing a washing line scene

The Wardian case, as it was originally called, was invented by accident around 1829 by Nathaniel Ward, a London doctor. It gained in popularity during the Victorian era and it’s name eventually changed to “terrarium”. A word derived from the Latin word terra, meaning earth and arium, the word ending of aquarium.

Large terrarium featuring a horse and rider

Large terrarium featuring a horse and rider

Each of Isobel’s creations captures a snapshot in miniature of scenes from daily life, staged amongst a verdant setting. Each design is unique and can be customised to the finest detail.

Medium jar showing a bit of lawn mowing in action!

Large terrarium showing a bit of moss mowing in action!

Isobel loves using moss in the terrariums as it is great for landscaping her little worlds. She believes there is something quite enchanting about moss. “When walking through a forest, with moss cushioning the floor, on closer inspection you can see it reflects the forest in miniature and it is easy to imagine little people living amongst it.”

Isobel's terrariums come in all shapes and sizes

Isobel’s terrariums come in all shapes and sizes

Isobel likes to re-create this feeling of enchantment and wonder by containing it inside a glass vessel, so people can be intrigued and look inside to be filled with delight at the magical world.

Large terrarium

Large terrarium with a bride & groom. A popular choice for a bespoke gift


As Isobel sources the majority of the glass vessels she uses for her terrariums from vintage shops, antique centres, auctions, charity shops etc it makes each scene unique and special and no two terrariums are the same. This means that here at Heart Gallery we can not only sell from our ever-changing display of about 10 terrariums but we can offer a personalised and bespoke service too. Working closely with Isobel we can source the right vessel for you then all you have to do is tell us the scene you wish to recreate by providing photographs and information.

Terrariums ... enchanting miniature worlds

Terrariums … enchanting miniature worlds created in Hebden Bridge by Isobel

The possibilities are endless; all it needs is a little bit of background information from you and then just sit back and allow Isobel’s imagination to wander and capture that enchantment.

Close up views of some of the terrarium worlds created by Isobel

Close up views of some of the terrarium worlds created by Isobel


Heart Gallery’s first ever GIVEAWAY

September 12, 2014

Looking for the lights print giveaway SMALL

Looking for the lights

This fabulous limited edition printby award winning artist Gillian Lee Smith is a prize on our first ever GIVEAWAY over on our Heart Gallery Facebook page

All you have to do is head over there and comment on the post about it to be in with a chance of winning it signed and framed if in the UK or signed if overseas.

What are you waiting for, be quick, it ends Tuesday 16th September!



A conversation with artist Gillian Lee Smith

September 12, 2014


Gillian is a mixed media artist based in Nottingham and graduated from Edinburgh College of Art in Performance Costume in 2005. This took Gillian on a journey from sculpture to solely dedication her time to her paintings three years ago, all inspired by her fascination with dreams and memories and the art of storytelling.

A conversation with artist Gillian Lee Smith is an informal evening at Heart Gallery on Thursday 18th September from 7pm where you can come along and listen to Gillian chat with Alison (Gallery Proprietor). Gillian will not only be talking about her journey as a mixed media artist and teacher but also her recent reminiscence work with the elderly that has been a huge source of inspiration for her latest work. We all Cast Shadows, to be launched at Heart Gallery Thursday 2nd October – Gillian’s first Solo Show. There is also a participatory Q & A for you to get involved with.

Space is limited for this talk so do please call into Heart Gallery for your invitation or call us on 01422 845845 if you would like one posting out.

See you next Thursday x

A Conversation with Gillian Lee Smith Poster small




















Letter writing like we used to!

August 24, 2014

Hello friends

2014-08-24 09.19.08 I made a New Year’s promise this year to start writing letters and postcards again to friends and family. Although I don’t write these as often as I should, when I take time out of my busy day to sit with a cuppa, a coloured pen and my lovely new writing paper I feel calm and I also find it quite cathartic.



2014-08-24 09.19.57






I write as little or as much as I feel is right; sometimes just a few scribbled words on a postcard whilst on a day trip to the coast. These stolen words are greatly appreciated at the other end when they arrive and that makes me feel warm inside. The plus side to this of course   is I now occasionally come home from work to find something on my door mat that isn’t a bill or junk mail!

2014-08-24 09.21.15





It feels great to communicate this way again.



We are currently looking at our Heart Gallery database which, for the past 7 years, has been managed via customer’s email addresses provided. This has been a great way for us to keep in touch and send out our exhibition info to your inbox and will continue as long as you are subscribed to that list.

However, our invites are so lovingly designed then locally printed we have decided it is such a shame that they don’t come through the post and land on your doormat for you to enjoy. Therefore, we are now inviting you to email us your name and full postal address if you would prefer to be contacted this way. A step back in time to how it used to be before life got so hectic and technology took over!

Remember – we do not pass your information on to a third party and we only use it to keep in touch so your email address or postal address is safe with Heart Gallery.

Email us at Heart Gallery with your preference:

Below is an image for our next exhibition ‘We all Cast Shadows’ by Gillian Lee Smith which includes a Conversation with the Artist on 18th September 2014 and a Preview on 2nd October.

front xsmall


The invites are ready to post out so let me know if you would like one.
Thank you, Alison x




Meet The Maker – Teresa Winchester

July 30, 2014
Teresa Winchester - Artist

Teresa Winchester – Artist

Teresa is a printmaker who lives and works in Brighton on an ancient Columbian press dating back to 1842 at the BIP studio in Kemptown.

Teresa's studio

Teresa’s studio

She studied printmaking at Goldsmiths and has returned to working on lino prints in recent years after painting for some while.

Lino printing

Lino printing

Tipu's Tiger lino print

Tipu’s Tiger lino print

Also a storyteller there is an element of magic narrative and a sense of the dream world in her prints, which are sometimes inspired by the books Teresa read as a young girl.

White Rabbit

White Rabbit

Some themes are traditional with a unique twist, and others do not have a text but aim to spark memories and individual ideas.

Running With

Running With

Images are created from imaginary worlds often recalling that place before sleep where girls dance with hares and rabbits garlanded with red flowers race through dark forests.

Witch Hare

Witch Hare

And the moon is always shining.

Run Rooster

Run Rooster

A love of the natural world and the beauty of plant and animal life enriches the work.

Spring Dance

Spring Dance

We are really happy to announce that we now have Teresa’s greetings cards in stock and there is a huge range of her designs to choose from.

Cat At Play

Cat At Play

Plans are being made for a solo show with Teresa in 2015 when we will have a lovely storytelling evening with her and Hebden Bridge’s very own and very talented storyteller Ursula Holden-Gill. If you want an exclusive invite to this evening you must leave your name and address and/or email with us next time you visit or email me at, thank you Alison x


Meet The Maker – Priscilla Jones

July 25, 2014
Priscilla Jones - Artist

Priscilla Jones – Textile Artist

Priscilla has been producing contemporary mixed media pieces in 2D and 3D since completing her degree in Embroidery at Manchester Metropolitan University in 1997. Priscilla has since taught in FE, HE and Adult education and currently tutors for the BA Textile Programme at the Open College of the Arts. She also runs workshops for schools, colleges and independent galleries.

Victoria Sponge

Victoria Sponge


Her work focuses on the use of found materials creating pieces that evoke personal memories of her childhood and love of sewing.

Sail Away

Sail Away


Constantly inspired by her environment Priscilla lives on the Northwest Coast of England and working from her studio she reflects the faded beauty of her surroundings.

Priscilla Jones

Beach Huts


Her work describes the soft tones and textures of nostalgic imagery from a bygone era.




Priscilla’s pieces are sold and exhibited across the UK, Europe and USA, with many pieces held in public and private collections. and we are proud to once more be showcasing Priscilla’s recent work as a collection of prints.




Meet The Maker – Alison Hullyer

July 16, 2014
Alison Hullyer - Printmaker

Alison Hullyer – Printmaker

Alison is a freelance artist, illustrator and printmaker, working in a village just outside Cambridge. She designs primarily for the greetings card and stationary industry but has recently started producing her own line of products. 

Bike tea towels at Heart Gallery by Alison Hullyer

Bike tea towels at Heart Gallery by Alison Hullyer

We contacted Alison specifically for one of her new ranges of tea towels to coincide with the Tour de France cycling though Hebden Bridge and Yorkshire.

Detail of part of the design on the bike tea towel

Detail of part of the design on the bike tea towel

Alison has developed her range of tea towels and coasters as way of being able to sell her designs in a more direct way. 

Bike tea towels come in white cotton and unbleached cotton

Bike tea towels come in white cotton and unbleached cotton

Alison uses various techniques in her work including pen and ink, oils, watercolours and also combining hand-drawn images with digital tecnology.  Her printmaking methods include collography, linoprinting and dry-point.

Seed Head tea towels by Alison Hullyer

Seed Head tea towels by Alison Hullyer

We look forward to working with Alison again in the future but in the meantime we are continuing to sell her bike tea towels as they have proved very popular, both colourways are £10 each.


Meet the Maker – Sarah Westwood

July 7, 2014


Sarah Westwood - Artist

Sarah Westwood – Artist

Sarah uses her surroundings to inspire her, from her garden to birds.  Her work represents her idea of an ideal world, they are images that intend to make people smile and chuckle. 

Mr and Mrs Fox

Mr and Mrs Fox

Sarah creates images out of coloured recycled paper, layering the images on to a canvas of wood.  This then creates the first layer which is then layered with beeswax. 

Sarah Westwood

Bird Cages

This process then continues until she has 3 or 4 layers.  The final layer is carved into with oil paint and sealed using a flame.  The wood has a lovely detailed hanger on the back making the whole piece easy to hang and smart.


Dogs can ride Bicycles too

Sarah mainly sells her small pieces of art to private buyers and at designer maker fairs throughout the UK. 



Sarah is excited to be working with Heart Gallery and hopes you enjoy her world as much as we are enjoying it.



Textile artisan working predominantly with wool and particularly wet felting.

With Raw Intentions

Eat Clean, Feel Rawesome, Love Life

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