Makepiece – truth and beauty

After much anticipation the new Spring/Summer range from Makepiece has now arrived in Heart Gallery, and boy was it worth the wait! Beautiful clothes with ethics. For hundreds of years, farmer makers in our Pennine valley have produced wool, spun it and created fabric pieces. Makepiece has taken their legacy and created a collection of clothes for the future. Natural yarns from sustainable farming. Undyed and natural dyed options. Low impact manufacture. Fair employment. Working to be carbon neutral. 

The story of the yarns Makepiece use starts with sheep. Our landscape is shaped by centuries of ovine grazing, from bleak Lakeland peaks to the beaches of northerly Hebridean islands to lush southern pastures. Makepiece use the cream of fibre produced in the UK through their association with Prestige Fibres. Their wool is accredited by the British Wool Marketing Board.

Spinning is traditional to West Yorkshire. The best wool is collected and cleaned to remove grease, combed into tops which are then spun. Most of their yarns are spun locally, by specialist mills in Bradford and Halifax, within 20 miles of the Makepiece studio. These yarns are highly unusual and very special, the produce of years of experience and expertise.

Makepiece love colour, but colouring processes can be unkind to the environment and to the yarn. Makepiece choose their palette from undyed yarn – some of it from sheep with naturally black, brown or grey fleece, organic dyestuffs, natural dye and environmentally monitored chlorine free synthetic dye processes.

Makepiece’s collections are designed in the Makepiece studio by Nicola. Garments are knitted by specialist knitters and by a small traditional lace knitting factory. Some garments are felted after knitting to create a textured knitted fabric. All Makepiece clothes are hand finished. Makepiece make all their pieces in the UK.









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