Heart on my sleeve

I have not had time to write anything for such a while so thought I would wear my heart on my sleeve for this post:

When the clocks went back last year by an hour it got me thinking about time. I remember that this turning back of time gave me a much needed extra hour in bed, many other people an extra hour socialising with friends or family and others, no doubt, another hour of drinking time! You often hear people saying “if only I could turn back time” or talking about hindsight being a wonderful thing and “doing things differently were they able to live that part of their life again”. Would I wish to turn back the clock further than that hour … no. I believe I am the person I am today because of the paths I have trodden and the journeys I have taken and I like who I am, like where I am and more importantly am thankful that I am here now to live this life. I opened Heart Gallery over 2 years ago because I wanted to work for myself, wanted to give Hebden Bridge something it didn’t already have, wanted to enjoy walking into work every day, wanted to feel passionate about what I did. I still feel that same passion and pride today that I had the day Heart Gallery first opened. I feel it every morning when I put my key in the big, black door of Heart Gallery, open it, see the beautiful space and smell the building. Heart Gallery will never make me rich and able to retire early but that isn’t what I am driven by as I am rich in other ways. It isn’t easy to take that leap of faith into self employment but it has a greater chance of success if you do it for the right reasons, and I didn’t take that step to make me rich but to enrich. I can’t say that it is easy; it is extremely hard work and takes 100% commitment to get it right. I can’t say it doesn’t affect family or social life as I have to work hard to find the right balance; and I don’t always get it right! I can’t say that it hasn’t been without casualties but these have happened for a reason and out of my control but ultimately for the better. What I can say is that my loyal customers remind me regularly that I did the right thing and they love visiting Heart Gallery as much as I love living Heart Gallery so if you haven’t yet been to Hebden Bridge or to Heart Gallery, make that trip – it is so worthwhile and you will not be disappointed. It’s a fabulously creative town filled with many independent shops and cafes that offer so much more and you will find unusual and unique treats or gifts that you can’t get anywhere else. Heart Gallery offers a warm welcome and amazing work by over 75 local and UK based designer/makers and I look forward to seeing you in the future.

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