Riding The Storm


ROZIE KEOGH 'riding the storm'

ROZIE KEOGH 'riding the storm'

Riding The Storm, Rozie’s latest wonderful Mergirl sculpture has arrived at Heart Gallery and looks stunning hanging from our beamed ceiling with her sequins catching the sunlight and dancing around the room. There’s not really much I can say about her as you really have to visit to see her ‘in the flesh’ so to speak. Rozie’s wire mergirls are always popular at Heart Gallery and don’t seem to hang around for long, and I’m not surprised.

Rozie originally trained as an illustrator at Harrow School of Art (Now the University of Westminster). In 1990 she returned to college at Hereford College of Art and Design where she attended the Small Studio Practice course. Since leaving the course she has made and sold work nationally, producing large-scale pieces as well as jewellery. Although now working three-dimensionally, she continues to illustrate life and stories with her work.

Heart Gallery also showcases her amazing jewellery, miniature knitted works of art, once a year:

Rozie Keogh necklace

Rozie Keogh necklace

Rozie’s ‘Dancing Mergirl’ sculpture danced her way to a beautiful home in Midgley last year but here’s another look at what you missed:

ROZIE KEOGH 'Dancing Mergirl' sculpture

ROZIE KEOGH 'Dancing Mergirl' sculpture






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