Meet The Maker – Kyleigh Orlebar

Kyleight Orlebar - papercut artist

Kyleight Orlebar - Graphic Designer and Papercut Artist

Kyleigh’s love of typography, an obsession with handcutting intricate shapes with a scalpel, a long career in graphic design and a head full of song lyrics (where maths should be!) has led her on a very creative journey.

Caravan Of Love

Caravan Of Love - Kyleigh

Kyleigh is inspired by great typography, beautiful silhouettes plus the song lyrics or phrases themselves. She is completely inspired by the work of Rob Ryan and Julene Harrison. Wanting to give it a go she decided to give her husband a papercut for Valentines Day using lyrics from their first dance at their wedding (Forever my Friend by Ray LaMontagne) so she sparked up Adobe Illustrator and set about designing her first papercut. Kyleigh found she loved the design process – making sure each letter was clinging onto each other, the lines held together with little flourishes and hearts….and so it began!

Kyleigh handcut papercut

Handcut papercut - Kyleigh

Handcut Papercut - Kyleigh

Handcut papercut - Kyleigh

Putting it all together in Adobe Illustrator is almost like working out a puzzle, moving words around, making them larger, smaller… adding small strips, details and embellishments to the design to hold it all together once cut.

Time After Time - Kyleigh

Time After Time - Kyleigh

Working from her garden studio, she really enjoys the process of handcutting the papercut. The fresh new blades on her favourite scalpels (swivel and fixed), the steaming mug of tea, audiobook, podcast or music on in the background and she starts to cut. Piece by piece the design emerges from the paper with great satisfaction on her part.

Handcut Papercut - Kyleigh

Handcut papercut - Kyleigh

Kyleigh gets very inspired by the actual wording/quote/lyrics. Words are beautiful. They look beautiful. So when she gets a commission for lovely words Kyleigh is a happy bunny. The words influence a design too, stressing an important word by making it larger for example. Her framing is uncomplicated so that the words can speak for themselves.

Framed Handcut papercut - Kyleigh

Framed handcut papercut - Kyleigh

With a houseful of children (15 and 13 year olds plus 7 month old baby), pets and her wonderful husband there is never a dull moment! Kyleigh has just celebrated her first year of self-employment and is so proud to say it is going from strength to strength with some exciting plans for the future.

Bring Me Sunshine - handcut papercut - Kyleigh

Bring Me Sunshine - Kyleigh

You can commission Kyleigh to handcut an original piece of work based on your own favorite song or phrase so do call in to discuss this with us. In 2011 when we hold our third annual Wedding Show we are really hoping that Kyleigh will be introducing her lasercut wedding invitations for you to see. Kyleigh has to quote for having them lasercut for you to your design ideas and they are stunning. The design Kyleigh did below features a couple of swallows as swallows had just arrived on the couple’s land and this was the groom’s suggestion to incorporate into the design somewhere.

Lasercut Wedding Invitations - Kyleigh

Lasercut Wedding Invitations - Kyleigh

Other delightful, bespoke commissions for the Bride and Groom can be for a wedding present to stand out from the crowd with, take a look, this Bride and Groom met on a London Bus:

Framed Handcut Papercut - Kyleigh

Framed handcut papercut commission - Kyleigh

Or how about just a simple name/date commission, these work really well too:

Handcut Papercut Commission - Kyleigh

Handcut papercut commission - Kyleigh

Framed Handcut Papercut Commission - Kyleigh

Framed handcut papercut commission - Kyleigh

Whatever you choose, favourite lyrics, quotes or personal words, you will get years of satisfaction from Kyleigh’s papercut and Heart Gallery is proud to be a part of Kyleigh’s journey.

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