Meet The Maker – Sarah Ibrahim

Sarah Ibrahim - Ibrahim

Sarah Ibrahim - Ibrahim

Born in Brunei, but living in England now Sarah’s work combines elements from both East and West. More specifically Sarah is concerned with the pattern, decoration, shape, form and texture of an object, and how these things are interpreted differently by the two cultures.

Small and tiny studs - Sarah Ibrahim

Small and tiny studs - Sarah Ibrahim

Sarah initially studied graphics at degree level in Bristol but later went to study jewellery in the Sir John Cass department of Art Media and Design in London. Her techniques involve intricate piercing, press forming, etching and overlay to create individual, imaginative pieces.

Large locket - Sarah Ibrahim

Large locket (nearly closed view) - Sarah Ibrahim

Sarah’s work is inspired by her heritage and travels. Her first collection is inspired by her love of intriguing containers and boxes.

Locket ring - Sarah Ibrahim

Locket ring (open view) - Sarah Ibrahim

The ‘keep it’ collection consists of lockets with bright gold interiors for your keepsakes.

Sarah's statement necklace

Sarah's statement necklace now in Heart Gallery. The locket closes when worn.

The ‘and then…’ collection is a continuation and more simplistic. They both form her first collection called ‘The Beginning’. Heart Gallery is proud to have been carefully selected by Sarah to showcase her amazing jewellery – this ‘KEEP IT’ collection of silver and gold lockets really needs to be seen to be fully appreciated.

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