Huddersfield Festival of Light 2011

Colin Chetwood lamp

Colin Chetwood lamp

This is one of my Colin Chetwood lamps that I adore; one of many lamps I have bought from Hannah at Radiance just down the road from me in Hebden Bridge. It was a real treat at the time but simply perfect in my snug. You can see now why I was drawn to the Tulip Garden in Huddersfield last night!! I wish it hadn’t been so cold and wet as I would have tip toed through the tulips for longer!

Tulip Garden
Tulip Garden

The rest of the evening was also a success and I got to see lots of my makers at The Arts Market too which is always a highlight. Here are a few pictures of what else I saw out and about and you can still visit today and tomorrow as they have a great programme of events lined up. Sadly I didn’t win the raffle for an Emily Stubbs bowl which I am gutted about as it would have sat perfectly with my iron!

Poppy Iron - Emily Stubbs

Poppy Iron - Emily Stubbs (THE ONLY IRON I LOVE!)

To find out more about The Festival Of Light and keep on top of what is happening in Yorkshire please visit this great and informative website.  I am looking forward to next year already!

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