Meet The Maker – Alison Hughes

Alison Hughes - Textile Artist

Alison Hughes – Textile Artist

Alison’s Bags are designed and made on the Isle of Wight. Being a small business allows her to maintain integrity and flexibility in her approach. The bags are sized to avoid waste of materials and are of a simple, un-fussy design.

Black Bag - Alison Hughes

Black Bag – Alison Hughes

She generally makes her bags to order so that she doesn’t need to carry a lot of stock.

Wight - Alison Hughes

Wight – Alison Hughes

 The Island is a creative environment and it is this seaside location that provides the inspiration for Alison’s lovely bags. Use of natural fabrics, such as canvas, ticking and jute rope reflect the Classic Yachting heritage of Cowes. An eyelet and shackle provide a pleasing finishing touch and each bag is individually numbered, confirming that each bag is individually made.

London - Alison Hughes

London – Alison Hughes

Alison’s bags are made with a sense of fun and feature recognised phrases, poems or lyrics, with stitched detail and appliqué. She likes words that reflect an innocent era and speak of gentler times. Alison’s most popular design features an extract from the ‘Shipping Forecast’, which can be personalised for any location (even if you’re not by the sea).

Close up of blue bag - Alison Hughes

Close up of blue bag – Alison Hughes

Alison is renowned for the quality of her work and Heart Gallery is proud to be bringing her bags to Hebden Bridge for the first time.

Alice in Wonderland bag - Alison Hughes

Alice in Wonderland bag – Alison Hughes

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