Meet The Maker – Alix Swan

Alix Swan - Designer Maker

Alix Swan – Designer Maker

Described as a ‘textile artist’, ‘fine art bookmaker’, sometimes ‘paper artist’, Alix is a designer-maker with a love of combining paper, print, graphics, textiles and found materials.

Badges - Alix Swan

Badges – Alix Swan

Apparently for Alix it all began with a paper doll she made who told her that her name was Alice. Alice started Alix reminiscing about childhood story times with her mother and grandmother and the world of books and stories these opened up. Alix remembered too how she drew constantly, cutting out her miniature portraits and using them in larger storyboards and little books. Now her Fine Art bookworks are based in traditional tales. She fuses old and new technologies through found materials, original drawing, digital photography, stitch, collage and bookbinding together with direct quotations to echo ideas and phrases that are universally familiar.

Artist books - Alix Swan

Artist books – Alix Swan

Everything is made by Alix from start to finish.  She cuts, sews and assemble by hand.  She has a computer, digital camera and four old typewriters and her home is a treasure trove of found and second-hand materials. Alix is happiest working on a small, even miniature, scale and her eye for detail and finish is of great importance. 

Thumbelina - Alix Swan

Thumbelina – Alix Swan

The themes of her work are vintage stories, rhymes and sayings.  She has learned the universal human need for these traditional forms and the importance of keeping them alive which is why she offers her work as a quirky twist on the traditional that connects with reminiscence, rediscovery and joy.

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland - Alix Swan

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland – Alix Swan

Heart Gallery awarded Alix an Outstanding Makers’ Award at Holmfirth in 2011 and we are so proud to be showcasing Alix’s work for the first time here in Hebden Bridge for our new exhibition ‘May All Your Dreams Come True’ which is inspired by fairytales, folklore, stories and dreams.

Alix's fairytale text

Alix’s fairytale text we should maybe all listen to!

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