Meet The Maker – Bronia Sawyer

Bronia Sawyer - paper artist

Bronia Sawyer – paper artist

Bronia’s creativity started early in her childhood, it has been part of who she is for as long as she can remember. Creativity and imagination go hand in hand and Bronia’s imagination has always been vivid; it has been throughout her life both a blessing and a curse. As a child it fed her nightly anxiety creating faces in the shadows and monsters under the bed but in the light it fed her daydreams, driving her to create worlds in which she felt safe. In this way art gave her control in a world she found confusing and helped her through into adulthood to explore emotions and understand new experiences.

Bear Hunt - Bronia Sawyer

Bear Hunt – Bronia Sawyer

Bronia’s dyslexia was picked up around age 7 or 8 and she worked hard on her reading and writing skills but her art was always a priority, her struggles with the written word drove her to express herself through art instead.

Under The Sea - Bronia Sawyer

Under The Sea – Bronia Sawyer

Art gives her life value; it makes her feel noticed and has become part of who she is. Bronia works a lot with text now. Over the years she has reconnected with words and realised the magic of reading and writing, they are just another way of expressing the imagination and knowledge.

Book Sculpture - Bronia Sawyer

Book Sculpture – Bronia Sawyer

Through her book sculptures she combines her old weaknesses with words with her artistic strength, and in doing so has found that instead of fearing reading and writing she has grown to love words. She sees that they are beautiful; they are powerful and can be used like colour in a painting to stir the imagination and communicate the magic inside everybody.

Growing Knowledge - Bronia Sawyer

Growing Knowledge – Bronia Sawyer

We all have a need to communicate and she enjoys combining as many tools as possible to do so. Bronia’s work is the after effect of an overactive mind and she hopes for it to be enjoyed on many levels. That may be visually or mentally, there are many reasons for it and many layers to be explored.

Book Sculpture - Bronia Sawyer

Book Sculpture – Bronia Sawyer

Selling well in Europe Heart Gallery is so proud to feature Bronia’s paper sculptures in Heart Gallery, Hebden Bridge, so call in soon to be inspired and intrigued.

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