Meet The Maker – Tracie Murchison

Tracie Murchison

Tracie Murchison – artist

Tracie’s work is constructed using her technique of layering silk and paper with wood and combining these materials in unexpected ways to create unique artefacts. She makes choices of the materials and the finishing to give each piece its own individual identity.

Pitcher - mixed media

Pitcher – mixed media

Tracie explores the contradictions of her chosen materials to create texture with colours that contrast with the smooth hard edges of the wood. She aims to create work that is tactile and has a sense of ‘erosion’ as a result of time and touch. Tracie uses an eclectic mix of materials and colours and look to artefacts, traditional and contemporary, from around the world for form and stance.

Bird on a branch

Bird on a branch

She draws inspiration from the discarded and weather worn fragments of stone, bone and unexpected treasures in our surroundings. Or from part of an old structure that has countless layers of peeling paint and paper, evidence of the owners that have been and gone. Tracie has previously created a collection of vessels, bowls and teacups using love letters, photographs and fabrics from her Great Aunt Alice. These vessels evoke a bygone age when war and work separated couples whose only form of communication was by letter.

Bowls - mixed media

Bowls – mixed media

She is intrigued by the small everyday traces of wear, such as a step worn away, trodden by many people, each on their own journey, not aware they have left a trace behind.



Heart Gallery is proud to have been carefully chosen by Tracie to showcase her new pieces.

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