Meet The Maker – Rozie Keogh

Rozie Keogh - wire artist

Rozie Keogh – wire artist

Rozie was born in Middlesex and spent the first part of her life living in West London, moving to Herefordshire in 1974 where she has continued to live and produce her work. She originally learned illustration and typography at Harrow School of Art. On leaving college she worked in the painting room at the Royal School of Needlework, painting designs for embroiderers.  After moving to Herefordshire she worked in the print and publishing trade as a typesetter. In 1990 she returned to college at Hereford College of Art and Design where she completed the Small Studio Practice course, later to become Applied Arts). It was here where she started producing three-dimensional work.

Rozie Keogh Hindu Fairy sculpture

Rozie Keogh ‘Hindu Fairy’ sculpture

Her work draws inspiration from historical costume and ceremonial religious artefacts. Many of the pieces contain a narrative, sometimes taken from fairy stories, sometimes from popular culture. They can be both amusing and poignant.

Rozie Keogh Riding the Storm sculpture

Rozie Keogh ‘Riding the Storm’ sculpture

Most of Rozie’s work is made in various metal wires, including iron, brass, copper and knitted enamelled copper wire. She includes sequins, beads and some found objects to enrich the pieces and add a magical quality.

Rozie Keogh 'Dancing Mergirl'  sculpture

Rozie Keogh ‘Dancing Mergirl’ sculpture

The sculptures are usually in forms of mythical female characters. She has also produced larger pieces that are more abstract, particularly when working in a site-specific context. Often using garments to represent concepts and to suggest, rather than depict an actual wearer. Although now working three-dimensionally, she continues to illustrate life and stories with her work.

Rozie Keogh 'Falling Angel' sculpture

Rozie Keogh ‘Falling Angel’ sculpture

Heart Gallery loves Rozie’s work and hop you do too and we have 3 gorgeous mergirl sculptures hanging in the gallery at the moment, here is a video of one Lorelei !

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