Meet The Maker – Kirsty O’Donnell

Kirsty O'Donnell - jeweller

Kirsty O’Donnell – jeweller

Kirsty lives and works in Warwickshire, designing and handcrafting jewellery from sterling silver, though occasionally a bit of gold will creep into her designs too.  Each piece starts its life as either wire or sheet metal and is bent, filed, sawn and soldered into shape. Traditional techniques such as forging are also used to add detail.

Peacock feather brooch, silver and iolite

Peacock Feather Brooch, silver and iolite

She has always been interested in making things and ever since she can remember her ambition was to become an artist. This changed slightly when she decided to do a jewellery making and design course at her local college instead of an art a-level, she loved it so much she went on to university at Birmingham’s School of Jewellery.

Silver Peacock Feather Studs

Silver Peacock Feather Studs

Nature and natural forms have a big influence on Kirsty’s designs, be it a feather, the shape of a bird’s wing or an intricate seed head. Her love of Art Nouveau also comes through in the delicate curves she creates.

Double Feather Necklace - silver and iolite

Double Feather Necklace – silver and amethyst

Her peacock feather range is based on the idea of simplifying the design of a hairpin she’d made as part of her college course. Many pieces later she’s still adding to the collection and has made some brand new necklaces especially for our Summer Showcase.

Small Curved Silver Feather necklace

Small Curved Silver Feather necklace

This silver peacock range is delicate and beautiful and Heart Gallery is proud to have been carefully chosen by Kirsty to showcase it in Hebden Bridge this summer – be sure to call in soon to see it, thank you . x

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