Meet The Maker – Nicola Cheers

Nicola Cheers - ceramicist

Nicola Cheers – ceramicist

Whilst on a drawing trip during her time at Cumbria College of Art and Design Nicola became fascinated by the wonderful colours and textures on the fishing vessels in Maryport Harbour. Back in her studio at the college she set about trying to recreate the rusting, flaking colours of the ships in clay. Having successfully experimented with surface texture and glazes she developed a range of ship forms as a vehicle to carry her colours and texture. 

Subs and Tubs - Nicola Cheers

Subs and Tubs – Nicola Cheers

Having produced an extensive range of designs for boat forms she was inspired to create submarine shapes after reading about the submarine works in Barrow in Furness. Submarines have continued on from that point to be the core of Nicola’s work. These subs do indeed float in the bath (upside down)!!

Tub - Nicola Cheers

Tub with periscope- Nicola Cheers

Nicola’s range of nautically themed forms are also designed to amuse and delight, in particular her submarines which are brightly decorated and adorned, as opposed to the image of submarines as being instruments of stealth, menace and destruction.

Submarine - Nicola Cheers

Submarine with periscope – Nicola Cheers

Heart Gallery adores Nicola’s pieces and we have seen that our men folk are really loving the display of submarines as they come through the door – a real talking point for them.

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