Meet The Maker – Caroline Parrott

Caroline Parrott - designer/maker

Caroline Parrott – designer/maker

Caroline works in anodised aluminium, which she hand prints and dyes to create a range of jewellery, home and garden accents and mixed media automata.

Butterfly pendants on ribbon

Butterfly pendants on ribbon

Caroline runs her business as a maker alongside working as an arts education officer at a popular contemporary craft venue in Dorset. This combination of pursuits has led her to develop her role as a workshop tutor, she now runs regular creative classes using colourful aluminium, as well as outreach work and community projects with local schools and children’s groups. Projects have included giant swarms of butterflies adorning public spaces and school grounds.

Wall  mounted butterflies

Wall mounted butterflies

Caroline’s love of making automata was born out of the need to allow people to touch work in a gallery environment. Its endless possibilities, limitless humour and accessibility to all make the work a joy to design and create. She relishes the interaction that can be created between a viewer and a moving object.

Anodised aluminium automata - Caroline Parrott

Anodised aluminium and mixed media automata – Caroline Parrott

Caroline often chooses to combine her metal with vintage ephemera and old-fashioned containers found at antique markets. She takes much of her inspiration from traditional insect collections and Victorian apparatus, including wood and brass fittings wherever possible.

Coil Bangles

Coil Bangles

Heart Gallery loves Carolines work and finds it really cheery – particularly making us smile us through the start of a very wet and soggy June in Hebden Bridge! We hope you love her work too and will be wearing your little piece of Caroline when the sun peeks out!

Meadow Flowers

Meadow Flowers

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