Meet The Maker – Anna De Ville

Anna de Ville - Jeweller

Anna de Ville – Jeweller

Essentially self taught, Anna works on the flat. The shape of the piece is sawn from a sheet of silver and then built up a layer at a time. The areas to be applied are cut out with very sharp snips and then soldered into place. The last details are made with fine silver wire. The dramatic black and white “wood block” look is achieved by oxidising the background and polishing the foreground with a selection of mops and brushes.

Anna de Ville - Raven

Raven necklace

All Anna’s inspiration comes from the natural world. The figurative side of her work is shown in humorous interpretation of animals.

Large Tawny Owl Necklace and Tawny Owl Earrings

Large Tawny Owl Necklace and Tawny Owl Earrings

Badgers and frogs sit alongside cheeky starlings and bemused looking owls.

4 Guillemots as Brooch

Guillemot Brooch

Her latest project is to explore the design possibilities of the plumage of particular birds like the avocet and raven in a series of limited edition brooches and necklaces.

Shag Earrings with Beads

Shag Earrings with Beads

These hand made pieces are a real joy to work on and make Anna want to get up in the morning and we are proud to be showcasing some of her fabulous limited edition pieces.

Guillemot necklace

Guillemot necklace

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    1. Hi Suzanne, we are currently working on the website which will include a shop but in the meantime we can do mail order if you know what you want, not a problem at all to take payment over the phone and post it out. Warm wishes

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