Meet The Maker – Nick Tankard

Nick Tankard - artist

Nick Tankard – artist

For this series of pictures of New York, Nick took inspiration from the films and photographs of 1940’s and 50’s America.  Nick has endeavored to create a vision of the bustling metropolis, a city where the grandeur of the Flatiron Building and the buzz and hum of Radio City Music Hall sit alongside late night diners, bars and neighborhood stores.  


FlatIron - Nick Tankard

FlatIron – Nick Tankard

Nick attempts to channel his fondness for films and vintage photographs by the likes of Alfred Hitchcock, Frank Capra and Fred Herzog to conjure images that contain similar themes seen in these classics of Americana.  Mystery, drama and a hint of absurdity can be found in Nick’s pictures of a lost world, but these images are not merely an exercise in nostalgia, they are also a celebration of the individual, an ode to non-conformity, a quiet reminder that in a time of bland commercialism and corporate bluster there are friendly independent shops, galleries and museums and even beautiful old cinemas being left to fall into ruin that deserve our attention to ensure they don’t turn into lost things.

Drugstore Manhattan - Nick Tankard

Drugstore Manhattan – Nick Tankard

Nick’s pictures are produced using a cross- hatching technique with a fine line pen, layers upon layers of cross- hatching are built up to form structures and shapes whilst other areas are left untouched in order to hint at a flickering light or billowing clouds, it’s a time consuming process but one which he enjoys as it allows him time to listen to Tom Waits, audio books and radio plays. 

Radio City NYC - Nick Tankard

Radio City NYC – Nick Tankard

Nick lives next to a cobbled lane and rumbling train line in the village of Saltaire. We first spotted his work at a local private view and we have been hankering after it and pestering him for some ever since! Nearly camping out on his doorstep whilst he finished the originals for us! We hope you enjoy your piece of Nick as much as we do.

2 thoughts on “Meet The Maker – Nick Tankard

  1. I came across your name by accident looking up the family name. I like the pictures shown on this web site and wondering if you have a catalogue. Yours Mark Tankard

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