Meet The Maker – Charlie Trimm

Charlotte Trimm - papercut artist

Charlotte Trimm – papercut artist

Charlotte has continued her methodical approach to creation, which was the foundation of her painting and installation work, to produce a collection of hand-drawn and hand-cut papercuts.

Dandelion clock

Dandelion clock

These works now come under ‘By Charlie’s Hand’. Founded in 2011, By Charlie’s Hand is one girl armed with a scalpel, lots of patience and a touch of OCD, as well as a love of coloured paper and tea. Charlotte has been producing highly detailed and intricate works which often explore nature, repetitive motifs and symmetry.

Mr Stag

Mr Stag

Charlotte’s papercuts have a unique style which echoes Charlotte’s previous structured approach, which often explored colour and repetitive patterns, bringing order to the natural elements while adding a contemporary twist to traditional rhymes and familiar motifs.  Birds, trees, plants and animals feature heavily in her work but the chaos of nature is given a distinctive shape, most often becoming contained within perfect circles and hearts.


Tweetheart in Kingfisher



These original papercuts have also grown into a range of products that includes giclee prints, greeting cards and cushion covers. Joining forces with Scottish jewellery designer and maker Molly Ginnelly (a jeweller also showcasing her amazing work in Heart Gallery at the moment) on a continuing collaboration, Charlotte’s work has found new mediums that combine both artists’ styles, leading to the distinctive and highly wearable ‘When Molly met Charlie’ collection of earrings, necklaces and brooches made of formica and silver.

Collaboration between Molly Ginnelly and Charlie Trimm

Collaboration between Charlie Trimm and Molly Ginnelly now at Heart Gallery

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