Meet The Maker – Molly Ginnelly

Molly Ginnelly - Jeweller

Molly Ginnelly – Jeweller

Molly is currently studying at HND level at Carnegie College Dunfermline and in the early stages of  her career as a jeweller so she is searching for her own unique style.

Large Mixed Media Pendant

Large Mixed Media Pendant

Exploring new techniques, experimenting with both metals and mixed media materials and investigating different sources found in the natural environment her current work is vast and varied whilst concentrating on one particular theme.

Coloured Bracelet

Coloured Bracelet

Inspired by tree branches, leaf patterns and textures and places from her childhood, the variety of design, techniques and materials Molly has used in her collections show the diversity and range she is able to work in. Molly’s work includes techniques such as roll printing, inlay, patination and stone setting. This mixture of different techniques produces interesting patterns and finishes, giving individuality to each piece showing the diversity in which she likes to work. 

Small Mixed Media Necklace

Small Mixed Media Necklace

Searching for perfection, balance and form, Molly’s work continues to develop and grow. Recent additions to her collections are Formica laminate based jewellery, including a collaboration with paper artist Charlie Trimm. Charlie works by hand creating romantic and whimsical paper cuts; each piece unique and colourful, she works to her own designs and particularly likes birds, trees and flowing patterns.

Dandelion - Charlie Trimm

Dandelion – Charlie Trimm

When Molly met Charlie the story began …

birdie earrings

Birdie earrings

Meeting through a friend of a friend of a friend you might say, through social networking actually. Tweets led to facebook likes which then led to emails and loving each others work Molly and Charlie decided to have a look at what they could do together, Molly with her trusty but not rusty jeweller’s saw and rolling  mill and Charlie and her amazing magical scalpel.

Birdie Brooch

They set about new ideas and patterns with great excitement and wonder of the outcome. A few weeks later came designs for embossing silver and quickly after, a range of colourful brooches with Molly’s favourite material Formica…yes you read that last part right…lovely, colourful Formica. Cut by laser to achieve the beauty and intricacy of the branchy patterns and double layered to show depth and contrasting colour this range of wearable jewellery pieces have proven to be most popular and as beautiful as a little birdie itself.

Oval birdie brooch

Oval birdie brooch

Molly’s birdie range is currently in Heart Gallery and we all love it and really hope to receive some of these little beauties to add to the birdie collection now Autumn is nearing.

Little fawn oval brooch

Little fawn oval brooch

Charlie’s papercuts will be arriving any day now to launch at our next exhibition 23 September and we are all really excited about that too! Come along to our 6th Birthday Celebrations and see both Molly and Charlie’s work alongside other gorgeous contemporary jewellery and craft.

6th Birthday Party Invitation

6th Birthday Party Invitation

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