Meet The Maker – Alys Power

Alys Power - Jeweller

Alys Power – Jeweller

Alys Power’s jewellery is made using materials which are reclaimed, reused, reinvented and recycled. These base materials are mixed with fascinating and beautiful found objects, sterling silver and semi-precious stones to create unique jewellery and accessories.

LOVED necklace

LOVED necklace

Her work explores the challenges of turning base and ‘scrap’ metals and other discarded articles into objects of beauty and value.

I SPY necklace

I SPY necklace

Working in a broad range of materials, she is inspired and led by the materials available and consequently many pieces are completely unique. 

I'M BEAUTIFUL necklace

I’M BEAUTIFUL necklace

Humorous, quirky and full of personality, her work maintains the look of the handmade, vintage tools are used an imprint of their character and history into the finished piece.



The themes of her work are eclectic and varied. Often narrative, stamped words and phrases are used to expand on ideas and as decorative elements. Small found objects and pieces of reclaimed and vintage jewellery are frequently used and the notion of each piece is dictated by the materials themselves.

STAR GAZER necklace

STAR GAZER necklace

Heart Gallery adores Alys’ jewellery and it sits really well in our french cabinets; feeling like home with a sense of belonging.



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