Meet The Maker – Cathy Sutherland

Cathy Sutherland - Jeweller

Cathy Sutherland – Jeweller

Cathy draws inspiration from all things earthy and organic being intrigued by delicate insects, fragile skeleton leaves and human skin; as when studier closer you see that all are made up of intricate networks of lines and detailed patterns that create incredible natural surface decoration, which is reflected in her jewellery.

Large leaf pendant

Large leaf pendant

Large leaf pendant

Large leaf pendant

In this collection Cathy has made for Heart Gallery’s Christmas Exhibition, the elegant and feminine forms have been created in silver through the traditional silversmithing techniques of chasing and repoussé where repetitive hammering allows Cathy to capture the flowing textures and patterns of nature that she loves.

Two rings

Two rings

pod studs

Pod studs

Cathy aims to make contemporary jewellery that sparks the sense of touch with intrigue, the depth of texture creating surfaces that are uneven yet smooth, inviting you to trace the patterns of the metal.

diamond drop earrings

Diamond drop earrings

Summer breeze brooch

Summer breeze brooch





One thought on “Meet The Maker – Cathy Sutherland

  1. Hi Cathy. Haven’t seen you for about 10 years. Used to work with you mum. Really admire your work and wish you every success. Mary Zamani

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