Meet The Maker – Diana Porter

Diana Porter - Jeweller

Diana Porter – Jeweller

Diana contemporary jewellery is chunky and androgynous; it has an intrinsic integrity in both design and finish. 

Pendants silver etched with 22ct gold - choose your word

Pendants silver etched with 22ct gold – choose your word

Her creative inspiration comes from personal and political beliefs, expressed through words which form a major feature of her work.  These are used as decoration in combinations of gold on matt silver, acid etched for contrast of finishes and tactile qualities.

And on - silver ring etched with 22ct gold and includes a diamond in the 'o'

‘And on’ – silver ring etched with 22ct gold and includes a diamond in the ‘o’

And on silver bangle etched with 22ct gold

‘And on’ silver bangle etched with 22ct gold



Often, words are split between two, three or four pieces so that what initially appears as indecipherable marks, make sense only when joined with complementary pieces, giving her work an intriguing additional dimension. 

Pairs and Partners

Pairs and Partners

His and Hers

His and Hers, His and His, Hers and Hers ‘And on’ rings

Diana wanted to be an actor. She trained as a teacher, had two children, was a single parent , did lots of amateur acting, found feminism, worked for twenty odd years as an arts administrator during which time she did fascinating jobs such as running theatre companies both in London & in Bristol, setting up a small scale theatre and community arts centre in Bristol, running Birmingham Women’s Festival. She campaigned for more money for the arts, for equality of opportunities for women, disabled people and ethnic minorities; she demonstrated against nuclear armaments. She got grants for people from the Arts Council of Great Britain, Local Authorities and Regional Arts Boards. She did budgets, wrote reports, filled out a thousand forms.

Heaven and Earth

‘Heaven and Earth’

And then in 1990 she went to the University of Central England to do a 3 year full time degree course in Jewellery and Silversmithing. Diana loved the way that working with metal centred and concentrated her mind; she learned about design and form and her teachers pushed her to develop her design ideas which she now thanks them for; She loved the History of Art part of the course and became passionate about investigating the history of the involvement by women in the arts and crafts. This was 3 years to take stock and to create – it was a gift and the jewellery is an outcome of that.

And on wide band

‘And on’ wide band

On leaving college in 1993, She immediately started her own business making jewellery in her front room. In 1999 she was awarded UK Jewellery Designer of the Year!

'And on' partnership pair of silver rings with diamond

‘And on’ partnership pair of silver rings with diamond

She still cannot believe how lucky she has been.  Diana’s collections are in about 40 galleries and shops all over the country and she has the shop of her dreams with workshops behind it – one for the 5 jewellers who hand finish her work and another for her – a room of her own to create and play in! She gets to choose beautiful work to display in the shop from other designers and she meets lovely people who come from miles around to consult about commissions. Employees have come and gone, some have stayed – she’s had work experience people who’ve then joined her, stayed for years and then gone on to set up their own jewellery businesses.

Partnership rings

Partnership rings

Heart Gallery feels lucky and blessed to now be stocking Diana’s amazing pieces as we have admired both her and her work for so long. Get yourself down to see it soon – you will not be disappointed!

Diana Porter at her workbench

Diana Porter at her workbench

We obviously cannot showcase all of Diana’s extensive and stunning collections but we have got a great representation of her designs and can also work to commission so if you want to see Diana’s other delights then visit her website and drool at the goodies on display.You can order direct with her or if you want to come in to be measured and discuss your options then call in for that personal touch soon.

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