Meet The Maker – Julia Ogden

Julia Ogden - Artist

Julia Ogden – Artist

Julia grew up in Yorkshire, where she spent her days playing in her parents’ garden and the surrounding countryside. She drew all the time and still does.

Hares - Julia Ogden

Hares – Julia Ogden

Heart birds - Julia Ogden

Heart birds – Julia Ogden

Julia studied a BA Hons in Illustration at Edinburgh College of Art, graduating in 1999. She then went on to do an MA in Sequential Illustration at Brighton University. The work she produced during her studies was mainly print-based and she often made artist books.

Collage - Julia Ogden

Collage – Julia Ogden

Birds - Julia Ogden

Birds – Julia Ogden

She began painting after University and this is now her main passion. Julia’s paintings are exhibited throughout the UK, including Heart Gallery of course,  Bluemoon Gallery, Tunbridge Wells, Janet Bell Gallery, Anglesey, Portland Gallery, Richmond, Sarah Wiseman Gallery, Oxford, Harrison Lord Gallery, Brighouse and The Design Shop, Deanclough, Halifax.

Bear Hug - Julia Ogden

Bear Hug – Julia Ogden

Her new collection of artwork is on paper using a combination of pencil drawing and acrylic paint. She has been inspired by nature and comforting themes such as friendship, love and support. She hopes that her paintings and drawings brighten up grey days with warm colours and motifs.

Winter Birds - Julia Ogden

Winter Birds – Julia Ogden

Julia is a valued member of staff at Heart Gallery so we are always really proud to showcase her work in the gallery whatever it may be … from greetings cards to framed originals, canvases or prints Julia’s work always puts a smile on our faces.

Elly - Julia Ogden

Elly – Julia Ogden

And we know it will make you smile too so see you soon x

Star Birds - Julia Ogden

Star Birds – Julia Ogden

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