Meet The Maker – Rowena Gilbert

Rowena Gilbert - Ceramicist

Rowena Gilbert – Ceramicist

Searching for the perfect fusion of strong design, innovative style and spontaneous expression. The clay vessel is Rowena’s bold canvas; strong, simple and unfussy in form. Layers of clay echo periods of time, memories; slow, controlled, ordered. The surface evokes moods, tensions, actions and reactions.


Ceramic Stem Vases – Meadow Design

Rowena’s pots and bowls are slip-cast using a fine white clay body or adding metal oxides to produce coloured clay bodies. The coloured clay layers are brushed on or inlaid in incised lines and marks. The surface marks are created using various sgraffito tools when the clay pot is in a leather-hard state


Ceramic Small Bowls – Meadow Design

Rowena bisque fires to 1000C then masks areas on the outside of the pot/bowl using wax or paper resist, glazing the unmasked areas with a transparent gloss with its final firing at 1120C.

Dandelion Ceramic Curved Vases

Dandelion Ceramic Curved Vases

Heart Gallery adores Rowena’s work and is proud to be one of her carefully chosen stockists for her latest range. Call in and see it soon x

Ceramic Deep Bowl

Ceramic Deep Bowl – Meadow Design

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