Meet The Maker – Rosie Scott-Massie

Rosie Scott-Massie - Artist

Rosie Scott-Massie – Artist

Rosie combines expressive use of paint with precise paper-cutting techniques to create abstracted landscapes and studies of unusual buildings.


The Fox Tower, Brough


The Doric Temple, Duncombe Park

Inspired by the history and stories within a place, and themes of escapism, Rosie works with maps, drawing the landscape from them with a scalpel, destroying the map’s primary purpose and celebrating it’s decorative qualities.


The Temple Folly, Wensleydale

The Banqueting House, Hackfall

The Banqueting House, Hackfall

Rosie’s most recent work pushes the medium of papercutting by introducing the 3rd dimension, using pins to develop shadow and depth amongst the intricately cut paper.


Lund’s Tower, Earl Crag

Rosie’s new pieces for Heart Gallery are itching to get hung on our walls and you may even recognise the landmarks!

Gibson Mill, Hardcastle Crags

Gibson Mill, Hardcastle Crags

We can work closely with Rosie on commissions so if you have a favourite building, place or area you would like depicting as a framed papercut by Rosie then call in to discuss your requirements.

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