Meet The Maker – Emily Thatcher

Emily Thatcher - Jeweller

Emily Thatcher – Jeweller

Emily graduated from Sir John Cass in London, with BA Hon Silversmithing & Jewellery in 2004 and now works from her studio nestled into the beautiful Sussex countryside.

Papila 3 drop necklace

Papila 3 drop necklace

Companion Rings

Companion Rings

Led by her fascination of the microscopic world she uses electron microscope images of cellular structures, abstracting the organic shapes to create bold yet feminine collections that are easy to wear.

Lamella T-Bar necklace Amethyst

Amethyst Lamella T-Bar necklace

Hand made to a meticulously high quality, Emily’s jewellery is made from silver, gold and luscious gemstones. Playing with surface finishes and textures, she explores the creation of depth within her pieces, without making the pieces bulky or awkward to wear. 

Pink Tourmaline Lamella Necklace

Pink Tourmaline Lamella Necklace

With a love of classical history and the story of body adornment, she is inspired by the time-honored forms of these, which give her jewellery a modern classic look.

Pink Tourmaline Lamella Ring

Pink Tourmaline Lamella Ring

Heart Gallery adores Emily’s new range and we are certain you will too x

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