Meet The Makers – Emma Winterhalder and Clare Whitehead

Emma Winterhalder and Clare Whitehead

Emma Winterhalder and Clare Whitehead

Emma and Clare are both jewellery designers; their work is contemporary and strong with clean lines but stylish and some items are chunky silver with delicate gold plated elements added.  Their inspiration started from their imaginations and sketch books of ideas drawn from objects from the world around them.

Eclipse Ring

Eclipse Ring

Most of their inspiration is from a mutual love for travelling and shared experiences which allows things to evolve in precious metals and bring the patterns and designs to life. 

Dual Bubble

Dual Bubble Necklace

Precious metal is hammered, to create texture, and overlaid with delicate moving parts; silver is highlighted with details and elements of chain.   Free moving shapes are forged and soldered to make necklaces or earrings from hand pierced shapes. 

Ring of Feathers

Ring of Feathers

It makes it all worthwhile when they see a ‘happy customer’ wear their creations and for there to be a longevity. They wish to create wearable objects with fragility that questions traditional notions of wear-ability. As an item worn close to the body, jewellery contains a strong emotional and physical relationship to the wearer and its small scale makes it the ideal collectible item.


Each piece is designed with creativity and made with passion and worn with pride.  In their own words – ‘Our Style, your way’.


Quill Necklace

Their first collection arrives at Heart Gallery in March 2013 … are you as excited as we are?

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