Recently I went to a ‘new-to-me’ eatery in Leeds to celebrate my daughter being offered a place at Leeds City College in September, RED’S. Before I’d even had my food delivered I knew I was in for a treat … why … because their branding was so strong; they had got it spot on!

A shot of the menu at REDS

A shot of the menu at RED’S, Leeds

A shot of the menu at REDS, Leeds

A shot of the menu at RED’S, Leeds

I even pulled one of the lovely waitresses to one side and asked her to pass my comments on to the two owners and then accosted (in a friendly manner of course) another member of staff thinking he was the owner! I apologised but also asked him to pass on the much deserved praise.

The condiments at REDS, Leeds

The condiments at RED’S, Leeds

And when the food arrived I was not disappointed in the slightest  ….although I couldn’t go too regularly, not good for the waistline with those generous portions! I should have known as my hubby said that he thought that Adam Richman (Man V Food) had paid RED’S a visit but I’m not sure how true that statement is.

Pulled Pork and Slaw

Pulled Pork and Slaw at RED’s, Leeds

Onion Rng Stack

Onion Ring Stack at RED’s, Leeds (They also do one a metre tall!)

This got me thinking about how important branding is and how so many people get it wrong and dilute the strength of their brand by straying and not remaining true. One of my makers who is so spot on that we love here at Heart Gallery is Andy Poplar and this is why … just received today from him:

A brief history

A brief history

[creativejuices] v[creativejuices] v

Creative Juices Andy Poplar

Kindred Spirit

Kindred Spirit Andy Poplar


Half Full Andy Poplar

Watch our for his Fathers Day offering coming soon to Heart Gallery, Mothers Day was a huge hit:

'Thanks for Delivering Me' etched milk bottle - Andy Poplar

‘Thanks for Delivering Me’ etched milk bottle – Andy Poplar

2 thoughts on “Branding

  1. Thanks for the excellent comments a lot off people just come in, eat and leave without really thinking or saying too much about the brand we created , you’d think that’s annoying but it’s not. At least they don’t hate it, it must be that comfy and homely they just get in, sit down and eat on as normal, the familiarity and friendliness was what we wanted.. Job done, point achieved! If you’re ever in again, ask for me (James) would be nice to say hi! Thanks again

    1. Anytime James, we found our experience one we do wish to repeat and have been passing the word too. A trip over to Leeds again is a must (our daughter was accepted at Leeds City College) and we promise to say Hi. Alison x

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