Meet The Maker – Charlotte Bezzant

Charlotte Bezzant - Jeweller

Charlotte Bezzant – Jeweller

Charlotte is a designer maker who works in silver and semi-precious stones, often incorporating etched text in her work. She did a degree in Fashion and Textiles, but after she fell into a non-creative job in the industry, she started studying silversmithing as a hobby.

Silver Arctic Twig bangle

Silver Arctic Twig bangle

After years of making for family and friends, Charlotte was persuaded to start selling her work, and was really pleased to find that it was well received by others.

Silver Hare with Moonstone necklace

Silver Arctic Hare with Moonstone necklace

Originally working on a bench in the corner of the kitchen, Charlotte now works from a lovely little studio at the end of the garden.

Silver Hare Pin

Silver Arctic Hare Pin

silver Arctic Hare Brooch

Silver Arctic Hare Brooch

She is at her happiest here, working away, especially when the sun shines and the doors can be flung wide.

Silver Arctic Twig necklace

Silver Arctic Twig necklace

Heart Gallery has some of Charlotte’s Arctic Twig and Arctic Hares collection. These were designed after a particularly beautiful and inspiring trip to the Arctic Wilderness, chasing the Northern Lights.

Arctic Hare Necklaces with Aquamarine

Silver Arctic Hare Necklaces with Aquamarine

The little twig was plucked from the snow and ice, wrapped in tissue and brought back to the UK to be cast in solid silver. The arctic hare however, proved elusive, the only sighting being of the lolloping footprints in the sparkling snow!

Those Who Wander

Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost silver necklace

Call in soon to see Charlotte’s stunning range before the Arctic Hares hop out of Heart Gallery and into someone’s jewellery collection!

2 thoughts on “Meet The Maker – Charlotte Bezzant

  1. The Twig Bangle is stunning …..I treated myself to this a while ago, absolutely beautiful and love it uniqueness and detail!

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