Meet The Maker – Fiona Bates

Fiona Bates - Ceramicist

Fiona Bates – Ceramicist

Fiona has been working with clay for over 25 years and has been recognised for her unique and unusual designs.  She has recently set up a dedicated ceramic studio in North Devon where she continues to be influenced by the sea and the chance objects that it offers up.

Sardine tin

Sardine tin

Each of her unique pieces is hand built using pure white earthenware or porcelain clays.  Pieces are finished in a range of dry glazes, slips and sumptuous gloss glazes. 

Sardine Tin - Fiona Bates

Sardine Tin close up – Fiona Bates

Fiona’s work ranges in size and complexity and includes: fireplace surrounds; a variety of species of fish; boats; tiny children’s shoes; wedding shoes; tins of sardines; horses; rams, dogs and cats heads. Her work has been featured in Design Magazine, Votre Maison, The Sunday Times and Homes and Gardens.  She has exhibited in many galleries including; the V&A and Crafts Council Gallery London.

Sardine Tin close up

Sardine Tin close up – Fiona Bates

Here are Heart Gallery these Sardine Tins of Fiona’s are our favourites and they are pretty popular with our customers too. Bob in soon to see them on our wall – you will be tickled pink!

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