Meet The Maker – Clare Collinson

Clare Collinson - Jeweller

Clare Collinson – Jeweller

Clare is a jewellery designer and maker basin in South Wales. Working predominantly in silver, printed papers and resin, every piece of her jewellery is individually hand crafted and therefore unique.

Happily Ever After necklace

Happily Ever After charm bracelet

Inspiration for her work is drawn from illustrations, lino prints and the many doodles and drawings she has collected in her sketchbooks.

Tell Me

Tell Me A Story necklace

Clare’s range we wanted to showcase for the Wedding season is called ‘Fable’ and is inspired by fairytales and storytelling. As a little girl Clare loved being read bedtime stories (don’t we all) and her favourite books were those that had been passed down and read so many times that the pages were tatty and worn.

Ever After ring

Ever After ring

Word are printed onto recycled and textured paper by Clare. The paper she has chosen has slight marks or mottling to give each finished piece a slightly aged and vintage feel.

Once Upon A Time necklace

Once Upon A Time necklace

The wearer can then create a story or fairytale of their own …. let your imagination run wild!

Ever After cufflinks

Ever After cufflinks


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