Meet The Maker – Suzanne Claire Williams

Suzanne Claire Williams - Jeweller

Suzanne Claire Williams – Jeweller

Contemporary jewellery lovingly French knitted and crocheted by hand by Suzanne Claire, a designer/maker of contemporary jewellery based in Manchester. Influenced by the world around, her diverse collections are beautifully handcrafted predominately from silver.

3 tier crochet silver chain necklace

3 tier crochet silver chain necklace

Suzanne Claire’s latest collection concentrates on designs influenced by textile paraphernalia.

A-Symmetric necklace

A-Symmetric necklace

“My love for all things colourful and craft orientated blossomed during early childhood from observing two generations of women. I was inspired as a child, from my Mum, her Mum, my Great Auntie and my Nana. It was these same people who shaped my love of what today seems to be lost arts – sewing, knitting and other needle crafts.”

A-Symmetric Potato Pearl necklace

A-Symmetric Potato Pearl necklace

This collection combines textured silver, crocheted and French knitted chains, combined with stunning French knit imprinted pieces.


Chandelier oxidised silver earrings with pearls

Chandelier oxidised silver earrings with pearls

Delicate silver wire is lovingly handcrafted into French knitted tubes, flattened and rolled into silver sheet to create lasting imprinted memories of their former, fragile self. While fine silver chain is used to French knit and crochet with, creating beautiful tactile pieces, characterised by slinky movement and feel to the skin.


Heart Gallery adores Suzanne’s contemporary jewellery and hope that you do too.

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