Meet the Maker – Jo Butcher

Jo butcher - Textile artist

Jo Butcher – Textile Artist

Jo is an embroidery artist, creating intricately stitched artworks inspired by classic British country gardens and the rural simplicity of wild flower meadows.

Field of Daisies

Field of Daisies – hand embroidery

Impassioned by a love of the British countryside and vintage textiles embellished by her grandmother’s generation, Jo’s aim is to create heirlooms for the future by capturing the essence of these influences in her own work.  

Heart Rose Bush

Heart Rose Bush – hand embroidery

With a background in fashion design, Jo began by recalling stitches learnt at school and teaching herself new ones that she combined to develop her own style.

Tree -  hand embroidery

Tree – hand embroidery

From her home in Somerset, she now produces delicate embroideries both by hand and machine onto hand-painted backgrounds and linens.

Rose Heart -  hand embroidery

Rose Heart – hand embroidery

Using tonal layering of threads and a range of embroidery stitches Jo creates a unique perspective from ‘a rabbit’s eye view’ of English meadows.

Forget Me Not Heart -  hand embroidery

Forget Me Not Heart – hand embroidery

In 2011, Country Living magazine awarded Jo ‘Best Craftsperson’ in their Kitchen Table Talent Awards.  Emma Bridgewater, competition judge, declared “Jo’s work demonstrates real vision”.

Bush -  hand embroidery

Bush – hand embroidery

When we first saw Jo’s work at BCTF this year we were blown away by how intricate it was and are so proud to now be showcasing a selection of her hand embroideries to show you.

Heart -  hand embroidery

Heart – hand embroidery

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