Meet The Maker – Gemma Colson

Gemma Colson - Artist

Gemma Colson – Artist

Gemma’s new business venture ‘The Faded Nest’ began in spring 2012 and since that day she has never looked back! I can see why!

Montage of Gemma's work

Montage of Gemma’s work

I spotted Gemma’s work only recently whilst on holiday and knew that her carefully sourced pieces would be perfect for our Wedding Exhibition ‘I DO’ launching Sunday 23 June, 12 – 5.

I do me too

i do me too

Working from her tiny studio at home, under the stairs giving a new lease of life to vintage cutlery every piece is vintage or antique, never new ‘vintage style’. Gemma adores vintage silverware and loves creating unique and quirky one-off gifts for you, your family and your friends.

meant to be you & me

meant to be you & me

She works very hard to find beautiful pieces in great condition, hand stamping adds a whimsy charm to each piece while still preserving the beautiful details of silverware that they ‘just don’t make like that any more’!

bride and groom forks - perfect for that first slice of cake!

bride and groom forks – perfect for that first slice of cake!

Creating is something that has always come naturally to Gemma. In 2011 she graduated with a degree in photography but her heart and her hands were still pulling her in a different direction. The Faded Nest started as a happy accident. She really wasn’t aware that she was creating things that people would want to spend their hard earned money on until she shared some work through a social media site and things really snowballed from there.

spread some love

spread some love

Within a few months her order book was full and she had taken on four amazing stockists so she knew she had to give it her all and make it her full time job. She is a firm believer that when you are meant to do something and work hard at it amazing things will happen.

always eat desert first

always eat dessert first

Gemma keeps a book full of ideas, phrases, poems and lyrics but not everything makes it to the drawing board though! If she’s not working on a custom order with specific wording then she preferrd to just take a piece of cutlery and let the words form in her head before getting to work.

meant to be you and me

meant to be you & me

Gemma starts with beautiful pieces of vintage cutlery that are sourced from her wonderful local antique dealers. At home they go through a deep clean and a polish which removes all of the tarnish and allows her to see what she is working with.

my ice cream your ice cream

my ice cream your ice cream

She then takes them into the studio and begins the hand stamping. They are then finished, polished again, rinsed and dried so that they are ready to use as you would any other piece of cutlery.

always have always will

always have always will

Heart Gallery and Gemma are working closely together to bring you unique and bespoke pieces so please talk to us if you would like a specific commission….this is my special commission made by Gemma and I love it x

Alison & Bart special commission

Alison & Bart special commission

You too can have your own unique and bespoke piece made for you or for family or for friends … all you have to do is get your thinking cap on and leave the rest to us!

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