Meet The Maker – Emma Palmer

Emma Palmer - Jeweller

Emma Palmer – Jeweller

Emma uses vintage techniques of tatting and French knitting to create original pieces of beautiful contemporary jewellery. She enjoys using classic textile methods to build unique, stunningly intricate and complex structures to create innovative modern jewellery in her Taunton based studio.

Emma has a self-confessed obsession with the manipulation of a line. Using only her hands and basic skills she is able to manipulate a single line of thread into a complex structure through tatting. This intricate textiles process involves knotting threads in particular ways, to form loops and lines.

emmaEmma has adapted the vintage lace making technique of tatting for her ‘Cluster’ collection, which features stretches of delicate loops of lace with chains of antique-style oxidised silver to create a strikingly elegant range. She stays true to the same technique that originated in the 19th century by using a tatting shuttle – a pointed oval shape tool that facilitates tatting by holding a length of wound thread and guiding it through loops to make knots.


The ‘Cluster’ and ‘Tat” collections both include earrings, necklaces, large collars and bracelets in a selection of sizes and can be made-to-measure bespoke to the customer’s needs. The collections are created in attractive soft antique pastel colours and can also be ordered to colour-match an outfit – perfect for special occasions such as weddings.


The unique jewellery can be worn again and again as the thread detail can be cleaned using a soft toothbrush with tepid water and a small amount of gentle soap.



This post does not actually do Emma’s delicate work justice because of lack of photographs so please do call in to see her showcase in Heart Gallery – it is truly stunning.

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