Such a great loss

Dear friends

Just a day after my last blog post in my Meet The Maker series went live I heard that sadly Nick Hubbard had passed away that weekend. There are no words greater than the tribute his team have left him on his website so I leave you with these for now and another look at some of his delightful and inspiring jewellery we have still for sale:

This charming man.

Dear friends,

On Saturday, the bottom dropped out of our world.  Nick passed away peacefully but suddenly, in his sleep, beside his angel, his darling wife Jean.   Our dearest friend Nick is no longer with us.  We are devastated and in shock, it is too very, very, dreadful to believe, to comprehend.

Nick touched the lives of everyone he met; a tall man, a quiet man – a gentle man with a real interest in everything and everyone around him.  He was a brick – solid and dependable, he was the very foundations of his loving family and as described by his daughters – ‘he was perfect’.  Our sincerest love and thoughts are with Jean, Nick and Jeans daughters and all of their beautiful growing family.

Nick was kind beyond words; he radiated such warmth and compassion that it could be felt on the darkest of days, from afar and even through a text or email.  Nick had large gentle hands – talented hands that could make the smallest of jewellery with the greatest of detail and always to an exceptional quality.  He had such passion and extraordinary talent and a life full of wonder.  Nick had so much wonder that he filled everyone’s lives with it too.

But Nick never knew just how exceptionally wonderful he was – we know this because he was the most modest man – completely unaware of the impact he had on us all.  He wanted for nothing; he had everything he needed, his wonderful family, his wee dogs, his sketchbook, his music and his workbench. He worked incredibly hard.  In an email last week he wrote ‘I am not making myself a rich man but a happy one!’  Nick saw the good in everyone and my goodness – he was gifted with words.
Today we are without our Brick but Nick is everywhere we look.  His bench remains untouched and we are comforted and given strength as we are surrounded by his years of treasuring.  There are cards, postcards, photographs, magazine clippings, hand written notes, postcards, addressed envelopes, penned letters, small objects, rusty objects and stones from his walks with the dachshunds.  Then of course there is Nicks work; work of a true craftsman.  Work of a skilful and passionate man, work with great meaning; a legacy of which we will all draw great comfort.  Today we wear all of our Nick Hubbard jewellery that we are lucky enough to own.

We have shared such happy times.  It has been an honour, a joy and a privilege to have known Nick and to have worked by his side.  Nick will forever remain within our hearts, our souls and his memory and spirit will live on in his hand written notes, his cards his many, many sketchbooks with ideas a plenty!
So here’s to our dear friend Nick, we raise a cup of tea to you today (and yes we made it in the tea pot – of course!) Thank you for everything!  You have given us the happiest of memories the greatest gift of time and you have taught us so much about love and kindness which will live on in our own families too.  No matter how much time we could have had in the pleasure of your company it would never have been long enough

To our Brick, we will love you for eternity x

For he’s a Jolly Good Fellow and so say all of us, your Brick and Bean team x x x

Love Boat brooch

Love Boat brooch

Singing Bird ring

Singing Bird ring

Running Hare brooch

Running Hare brooch

One Love Two Wishes Three Kisses ring

One Love Two Wishes Three Kisses ring

Sweet Dreams charm bracelet

Sweet Dreams charm bracelet

So, there really is nothing more to say other than we just never know what’s around the corner so Carpe Diem folks, Carpe Diem …

Sieze The Day silver and gold cufflinks

Seize The Day silver and gold cufflinks

Nick Hubbard - you will be missed x

Nick Hubbard – one charming man who will be missed x

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