Meet The Maker – Rose Maddison

Rose Maddison - Jeweller

Rose Maddison – Jeweller

Rose started out collecting pieces she loves, and spent hours trawling around flea markets on the weekend filling her house with lovely but useless things!



After graduating from DeMontfort university with a degree in Design Crafts, majoring in textiles, Rose had the opportunity to exhibit at Lustre in Nottingham. She was one of ten graduates chosen from all the universities in the Midlands to participate.

Watch and clock parts used for jewellery designs

Watch and clock parts used for jewellery designs

Rose was chosen for her textile collection but was given the freedom to produce whatever work she wanted, so she decided that wearable jewellery was most desirable. It was then that she decided to make something out of the found treasures she had already hoarded. 

Spoon Necklace

Spoon Necklace

The spoons are such a satisfying shape to hold and evoke nostalgic memories that are comforting for her. She has been collecting for over four years now and has never seen two spoons the same, they all have character something that is hard to find with mass produced products today.

Collecting unique spoons

Collecting unique spoons and opticians lenses

Over this time Rose has also collected opticians lenses, as I am sure you can imagine she acquires the lenses as sets. These have been sold to people using their prescription, many people also want them for a dual use; practical with the magnification, yet stylish. All of the glass is hand cut, the lenses were crafted in the 1800’s however they stand up as simple elegant jewellery in the modern age.


Watch and Clock part jewellery

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