Meet The Maker – Roz Bunter

Roz Bunter - Artist

Roz Bunter – Artist

Roz makes contemporary papercuts inspired by architecture and nature. Her pieces are all unique as they are individually hand cut using a scalpel.

'Rice Paper' Butterfly

‘Rice Paper’ Butterfly

It is a slow process but she loves seeing the designs gradually develop with the opportunity to make small creative changes as the work progresses.

Along the Thames

Along the Thames

 Roz enjoys photography and uses her own original images to create the designs for the architectural papercuts.

Butterfly Collection

Butterfly Collection

 The butterfly cut outs are all representations of named butterfly varieties showing the different wing patterns.

Ruined Farmhouse, Italy

Ruined Farmhouse, Italy

After spotting Roz at Saltaire earlier this year we have been eagerly anticipating her arrival for quite some time so we are really excited to be showcasing her exquisite handcut papercut work this Christmas.

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