Meet The Maker – Anne Brook

Anne Brook - Textile Artist

Anne Brook – Textile Artist

Anne has worked within the Art field for over 15 years, inspiring young people to be creative through teaching, but now she is finding the time to be creative herself. Over the years Anne has developed a love and passion for textiles, but as she has an art background she has found a way to combine these two loves.

'3 o'clock' 60 by 60 cm Stitched collage

‘3 o’clock’ 60 by 60 cm Stitched Collage

Inspired by journeys Anne designs and creates work based on items that find their way into her pockets on her walks or on images which are captured by her camera.

'Shepherd's Purse' A3 Stitched Collage

‘Shepherd’s Purse’ A3 Stitched Collage

Seed pods and weeds, often over looked, become transformed by her stitched collages. She uses a range of paper and fabric, up cycling as much as possible, to create her mixed media collages.

'Soldiers in a row' A3 Stitched Collage

‘Soldiers in a row’ A3 Stitched Collage

Anne’s love of drawing is incorporated, not with a pencil, but with a needle. Using her sewing machine and a needle and thread as a drawing tool she stitches her way to create finished works of art.

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