Meet The Maker – Chrissie Freeth

Chrissie Freeth - Textile Artist

Chrissie Freeth – Textile Artist

Chrissie is a handloom weaver working on a vintage four-shaft counterbalance floorloom and producing scarves and smaller items.

Chrissie's loom

Chrissie’s loom

Chrissie enjoys the technical demands of weaving as well as the creative process and as an archaeologist is fascinated by its legacy.




She is heavily influenced by the muted colours and strong textures of the Yorkshire landscape, its industrial heritage, archaeological and historical textiles, and the work of the early twentieth-century weavers who pioneered the resurgence of handloom weaving.




Chrissie uses natural fibres, mostly wool and silks. She is also a hand-spinner and dyer and is committed to the promotion and preservation of traditional textile crafts.




Chrissie is also a features writer for UK Handmade magazine, a features editor for the Journal for Weavers, Spinners and Dyers and recently joined the advisory board for Stroud International Textiles. She is a friend of the Heritage Crafts Association and a member of the British Tapestry Group.



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