Meet The Maker – Kate Hamilton-Hunter

Kate Hamilton-Hunter - Jeweller

Kate Hamilton-Hunter – Jeweller – Phot by Indira Flack

Kate Hamilton-Hunter started working life in textiles, as a dressmaker and then a textiles designer.

Kate's textile work

Kate’s textile work

This soon evolved into metalwork spun together using textile techniques.

Kate's metalwork

Kate’s metalwork

The delicate pieces Kate used to create wall-hangings naturally evolved into wearable jewellery. That was back in 1999, when Kate was experimenting with copper, aluminium and brass as recycled metals of choice.

Fish necklace

Fish necklace

Kate’s style, techniques and designs have since developed, as her love of textiles drew her to using the pretty floral patterns on biscuit tins to create her designs which became more streamlined, more elegant and refined as the years have gone by. Kate now employs 12 people to help her make her jewellery and run her business, supplying nearly 500 shops, galleries and boutiques around the UK and abroad.

kate H HKate finds tins of every shape and size to transform into her jewellery and the best-selling Collection is always Hearts!

Various heart necklaces

Various heart necklaces

Kate makes necklaces, earrings and bracelets in floral and botanical prints for Heart Gallery as well as the ever popular plain coloured pieces.

kate H H

Kate also supports a charity every year with one Limited Edition Collection. Her love of woodlands and trees inspired her to raise money for the Woodland Trust with this Collection. 10% of the RRP of every piece buys tree dedications for her stockists.

Woodland Trust new pieces

Woodland Trust new pieces

Woodland Trust new pieces

Woodland Trust new pieces

Kate’s favourite tins are the original vintage ones; some over 100 years old, which make one-off gallery pieces. The colours and print quality surpass your average Quality Street tin by a mile and Kate also loves making commission pieces from family heirloom tins, once making jewellery for a whole family from a Grandmother’s sewing tin.


A previous commission Kate made



Kate has stocked Heart Gallery for over 5 years and it has been such a pleasure working with her and her team so as we head into 2014 we are raising a glass to celebrate the year ahead and Kate’s new collections which will start to arrive for Valentine’s Day soon.

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