Hello 2014!

Well it’s nearly the end of January … where did that go? I tend to hibernate a little during this month but it seems I have hibernated longer than usual and this little blog post is a tad late so please excuse me. With February just around the corner I guess I needed to uncurl, stretch and face the tasks ahead so here goes … hello 2014!

Blurry hearts

2013 was a little kinder than 2012 so I am keeping my fingers crossed that 2014 will continue that trend for myself and for many around me who need it too. Life was not without it’s ups and downs, highs and lows, positives and negatives last year and I guess this year will be the same but I am hoping that I am better equipped to face those challenges with a different slant in 2014. Inspired by The Simple Things magazine there are once again only 6 things on my list of things to achieve throughout 2014 and here they are:

1. Get out more! I have promised myself to go to one gig a month. This can be music, comedy, poetry, burlesque or whatever really takes my fancy. However I suddenly realised this week, when I started to crawl out of my little January black hole, that I was running out of days and I could actually fall at the first hurdle! TA DAH! SAVED! Thanks to The Trades Club, a finalist in Britain’s Best Small Venue according to NME, and of course this venue is on my doorstep so result!

Kirsty Almeida and The Troubadours

Kirsty Almeida and The Troubadours

2. Visit somewhere new. Two lovely friends, Sarah and Suzi, bought me this book last year and I dip into it now and again when I manage some quiet time but have yet to ‘follow through’ so to speak with a visit to some of the places in there that sound really amazing. Therefore this year is the year to spread my wings around the UK and Ireland so watch out folks, here I come! I want to manage a few of these essential journeys with the family in 2014 and will let you know how I get on.

Bought for my big 50 Birthday last year by Sarah and Suzi x

Bought for my big 50 Birthday last year by Sarah and Suzi x

3. Write more. I do spend an awful lot of time sitting at a desk with a MAC for company, I have to! Most people working for themselves do these days as it’s simply not enough to just turn up for work, do your 7 hours or so and go home! We have to be so much more than just a proprietor/business owner/employer and there really is not a lot of rest! My daughter bought me some lovely new pens and stationery for Christmas so I have a diary to keep on top of and lots of letters to write … isn’t it lovely to receive a little letter in the post these days to make a change from all the bills?

Fabulous box of paper and pens and a gorgeous diary too from Becky x

Fabulous box of paper and pens and a gorgeous diary too from Becky x

4. Cook! My hubby and I do cook together a lot actually so this is not going to be a tough one for me at all; I love food, wine and entertaining! However, I have a lovely new selection of cook books just waiting for me to cherry pick my way through them – all bought by friends for myself or Bart this Christmas. I’m looking forward to working my way through them all in the remaining 336 days of 2014!

So many lovely cookery books bought for me this Christmas

So many lovely cookery books bought for me this Christmas

5. Decorate one room. After over 2 years of trying to find the right bedding for my bedroom I struck gold and found the perfect quilt cover  … a Matthew Williamson one which is just perfect. Now I have to decorate the whole room to create the perfect space in which to unwind at the end of the day so I am collecting ideas and inspirations for the mood board starting with paint colours. It will probably take me 6 months to get it right but I am ok with that … after all it took me long enough to find the right design to sleep under!

Can't wait to get started on the bedroom!

Can’t wait to get started on the bedroom!

6. Make time. I have been so guilty in the past of not giving myself enough time for me, for my friends and for my family that this year I am going to make a conscious effort to change that and not try to do too much. I want to be much more mindful of the moment rather than rushing around trying to do a zillion things at once. So many friends I have chatted with recently are saying the same and I know that this is really hard to do as life is so demanding but I am aiming to achieve it and enjoy those experiences when they happen.

I am aiming to enjoy some moments however small x

I am aiming to enjoy some moments where time can stand still however short x

So there you have it! Simple and achievable that’s what I say and if nothing else 2013 once again taught me that what doesn’t kill me makes me stronger and all that really matters in the end is that I am loved and I have a very dear family that support me and a small but significant amount of friends that really do make a difference.

The past is history, tomorrow is a mystery but today is a gift which is why it is called the present – live it and live it well xXx

Oh … and do keep an eye on the website as that will be something that changes this year once I master item number 6 on my list above!!

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