Meet The Maker – Tamsin Francesca

Tamsin Francesca - Jeweller

Tamsin Francesca – Jeweller

Both contemporary and delicately feminine, Tamsin Francesca’s designs are as unique as the modern woman.

Baya necklace

Baya necklace – multi bud version in silver and gold vermeil with 25 freshwater pearls

Crafted from fine silver wire, the lace detailing is entirely handmade creating lightweight yet highly durable pieces, strong enough to be worn everyday.

Baya continuous bracelet

Baya continuous vine bracelet hand crocheted in silver and 18ct gold vermeil

Tamsin became interested in lace making and other textile techniques when she discovered renowned lace makers in her family.

Baya 5 bud long drop earrings

Baya 5 bud long drop earrings

Whilst researching her family she began to teach herself the traditional skills her ancestors had used and combined them with the jeweller’s techniques to create a modern twist on tradition.

Baya 5 bud necklace

Baya 5 bud necklace

Each of Tamsin’s pieces is lovingly handmade making each piece unique.

Baya bridal tiara

Baya bridal tiara

We are proud to showcase Tamsin’s Baya collection here in Hebden Bridge and Tamsin is happy to make bespoke pieces upon request so do please ask about this service.

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