Meet The Maker – Jayne Middlebrook

Jayne Middlebrook

Jayne Middlebrook – designer/maker

Jayne makes J.C. Middlebrook lace in her studio in Nottingham from original designs. She worked for many years in sales and training for the equipment she now uses to plot and make her own lace motifs. Eventually Jayne couldn’t resist the urge to create and took the opportunity to start her own business. She uses a machine to interpret the CAD design into thread, before finishing and assembling the creations into contemporary lace jewellery and gifts.

Peacock necklace

Peacock Neck Lace

Jayne is inspired by the industrial heritage of her hometown- Nottingham was once the centre of lace production in the UK- and her first collections drew heavily on old Nottingham Lace patterns and drawings. The latest J.C. Middlebrook collections reflect new and original ideas, both in motif and product design.

Grey Peach Neck Lace

Grey Peach Neck Lace

Jayne makes lace that is comfortable and wearable, so ‘Neck Lace’ is adjustable in length, earrings are so light they’re barely there and lace bracelets ‘lacelets’ soft as a sleeve cuff. Care for the lace couldn’t be easier. Treat as you would a delicate scarf, hand wash then reshape whilst damp, finally pressing from the reverse when dry.

Lace collection

Lace collection

Jayne also enjoys working with other designers and has an ongoing relationship with Karlsruhe goldsmith Brigitte Adolph. Her collaboration with ceramicist Clare Gage led to the ‘Jasper’ range, a collection of Neck Lace, Brooch and Earrings. They took inspiration from various sources- Wedgewood applied patterns, old Nottingham Lace sample books, natural and organic shapes- and brought them together in three decorative wall panels exhibited at the National Centre for Craft and Design in Sleaford as part of the ‘Synchronise’ exhibition.

Jasper Neck Lace

Jasper Neck Lace

Heart Gallery is proud to be carefully chosen by Jayne to showcase her latest pieces in Hebden Bridge, particularly with the bridal season picking up speed as we feel Jayne’s work will be a favourite choice for many brides.

Daisy Dreamer Neck Lace

Daisy Dreamer Neck Lace

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