Meet The Maker – Vanessa Conyers


Vanessa Conyers - Ceramicist

Vanessa Conyers – Ceramicist

Vanessa studied ceramics at Bath Spa University graduating in 2004 with first class honours and is now based in Dorset. She creates fine ceramics from earthenware paper clay that are printed, wrapped, constructed and then delicately hit until they begin to collapse.

Miss Honey Crumpet pieces

Miss Honey Crumpet pieces

Colour is applied and enamel decals are cut into the surface, and Vanessa is unable to call a piece finished unless it’s sparkling with mother of pearl and with gold, the traditional hallmarks of decadent luxury.

Bridal pieces

Bridal pieces

Inspiration comes from everywhere; design and fashion from many eras, music, colours, feelings and ideas are simmered down into objects that, individually, are explorations of surface design and decoration, but when seen as a series of collections become a form of self portraiture where Vanessa sees a growing essence of her soul and imagination being instilled piece by piece.

Miss Honey Crumpet

Miss Honey Crumpet

Vanessa regularly works on private commissions; her most recent major commission was a 100 piece art deco inspired dinner service. She also runs a pottery teaching studio in Dorset called ‘The Pottery Parlour’. Heart Gallery is proud to be bringing some of Vanessa’s decadent but cheeky collection to Hebden Bridge in the Spring of 2014.



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