Meet The Maker – Katherine Morton

Katherine Morton - Ceramicist

Katherine Morton – Ceramicist

Katherine studied illustration in Brighton in her own words “what feels like yonks ago”. When she left she sat on street corners and drew pictures in pen and ink to make a bit of money. She loves the twiddley railings and patterns in Brighton and the snobbish seagulls that rule the beach. Brighton is a very playful place where people come to have fun and dream.

Mr. Strong Man Bowl

Mr. Strong Man Bowl

After a few pottery classes Katherine was hooked and bought an old school wheel and began to throw. She is not ‘by her own admission’ a serious potter but loves the feel of the clay and the satisfaction of something growing so instantaneously out of a blob.

Bath Time Lady

Bath Time Lady

Katherine thought it would be fun to use the clay as a sort of paper to draw and paint on and so it is how her 3D illustrations have been made. She thinks the bowls look best when they are filled with dips or oils because then it looks like the character is bathing or in the middle of the sea.

Bathtime Lady bowl filled

Bath Time Lady bowl filled with beetroot dip!

Besides selling her bowls through galleries Katherine exhibits in the Brighton open houses in May and at Christmas. This is a good time for her to try new ideas and take commissions (the designs can be scaled up or down). One year Heart Gallery will take a trip to the Brighton Open Houses … it’s been on our wish list ‘for yonks’!

Blonde Lady Bowl

Blonde Lady Bowl

Heart Gallery fell in love with the playfulness of Katherine’s bowls so decided to bring a bit of fun to Hebden Bridge – enjoy and fill them with any treats of your choice, ours will be filled with hummus x


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