Meet The Maker – Katherine Lees

Katherine Lees  -ceramicist

Katherine Lees – designer and maker

Katherine is a designer-maker based in the North West specialising in ceramics which she combines with textiles and precious metals to produce unique objects including screen printed porcelain vessels and jewellery.

Key necklaces

Key necklaces

Katherine graduated from Manchester School of Art in 2012 with Ba (Hons) 3D Design, she has since set up her own studio in Manchester.

Katherine Lees

New work by Katherine Lees

Her work celebrates charms, amulets and the symbolism and beliefs we hold which surround these types of objects. Katherine’s current collection is handmade using bone china and black clay slip casting Frozen Charlotte dolls, ornate pass keys and beautiful birds all originating from the Victorian era.

Frozen Charlotte pin

Frozen Charlotte pin originally used as a good luck charm

Key necklaces

Key necklaces

These precious objects are combined with sterling silver and 9ct gold to produce unique jewellery that can bring good luck to the wearer. As well as being wearable objects the jewellery adorns the larger ceramic vessels.

Vessels by Katherine Lees

Vessels by Katherine Lees

The larger vessels are made using ceramic screen printing techniques onto porcelain which is press moulded using Victorian bottle moulds. The patterns on the surface, applied using screens, originate from the narrative surrounding the objects that have been cast. Katherine’s aim is to bring old discarded objects back to life by celebrating their meaning and symbolism in a new form, to create contemporary and unique vessels for your home.

Various pieces by Katherine Lees

Amulet ‘tools’ bring good luck and health benefits

Heart Gallery is proud to be showcasing Katherine’s inspiring work in Hebden Bridge. You can also see Katherine at New Designers this year as she has been selected for New Designers One Year On 2014.

Amulet ‘tools’ bring good luck and health benifits


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