Meet The Maker – Hayley Murphy


Hayley Murphy

Hayley Murphy – Textile Artist

Hayley’s work is influenced by narrative, memories, and scenery. Using textiles and sewing as the base she creates intricate and beguiling art works using dissolvable fabric and thread that tell visual stories.

Stitch work Hayley Murphy

Stitch work Hayley Murphy

Hayley makes most of her work using a sewing machine and uses the machine to draw with stitch. Currently her work is patiently created using layers upon layers of stitch. Hayley uses dissolvable fabric to create these layers then once finished the fabric is dissolved in water revealing only the stitch as the outline which supports itself and leaves only the memory of the process.

Stitch work Hayley Murphy

Stitch work Hayley Murphy

For the past 3 years at University, Hayley has pursued this direction discovering how versatile both dissolvable fabric and thread are combined together. She likes to experiment with different sewing techniques and threads to create different drawing techniques and works that are both 2Dimensional and 3Dimensional.

Stitch work Hayley Murphy

Stitch work Hayley Murphy

Recently, Hayley has been experimenting with scale and creating larger works. Thread is an incredibly versatile material to work with in terms of the variety that can be achieved; although the techniques she uses to create work with can be time consuming and require patience, this makes the outcome potentially exciting as she knows that the work will be worthwhile, unique and rewarding. Hayley has found using different techniques of stitch can create different moods, feelings and evoke emotions which is essentially drawing with stitch.

Stitch work Hayley Murphy

Stitch work Hayley Murphy

Heart Gallery is really proud to be showcasing Hayley’s work in 2014 after first seeing her incredible work at The Art Market last year…we are wishing her all the best for her graduation this Summer.



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