Meet The Maker – Louise Webb


Louise Webb - Artist

Louise Webb – Artist

Louise lives and works in North Yorkshire from which her inspiration has been drawn to create works that fuse wildlife imagery and the theme of the Tour de France. The sprint finishes combined with the climbing sections of the race reminded her of the children’s fable, the hare and the tortoise: how riders need both stamina and speed to win the race.

The Hare and The Tortoise (limited edition)

The Hare and The Tortoise Drypoint (limited edition)

The manner in which riders and ultimately race leaders are supported by their team members, ‘domestiques’, to enable them to complete the epic cycle event really interested her.

Hare duster

Printed Hare Duster

The play on the term ‘domestic’ fuelled an idea to print directly onto rubber gloves and dusters which captured the yellow of the race leader‘s jersey.

Printed Rubber Glove on Map

Printed Rubber Glove on Map of sections of the route

Collaged elements have then been added to draw upon the red polka dot jersey, the motif of a bicycle and sections of the route that make up Le Grand Depart.

Printed Tortoise Duster

Printed Tortoise Duster

Her love of drawing is captured through the drypoint print process and she enjoys experimenting with unusual surfaces on which to print.

Printed Rubber Glove

Printed Rubber Glove

This inspired body of work by Louise for Heart Gallery is part of our Summer Showcase … call in to see it and read all about Louise in our Picture Gallery x

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