Meet the Maker – Sarah Westwood


Sarah Westwood - Artist

Sarah Westwood – Artist

Sarah uses her surroundings to inspire her, from her garden to birds.  Her work represents her idea of an ideal world, they are images that intend to make people smile and chuckle. 

Mr and Mrs Fox

Mr and Mrs Fox

Sarah creates images out of coloured recycled paper, layering the images on to a canvas of wood.  This then creates the first layer which is then layered with beeswax. 

Sarah Westwood

Bird Cages

This process then continues until she has 3 or 4 layers.  The final layer is carved into with oil paint and sealed using a flame.  The wood has a lovely detailed hanger on the back making the whole piece easy to hang and smart.


Dogs can ride Bicycles too

Sarah mainly sells her small pieces of art to private buyers and at designer maker fairs throughout the UK. 



Sarah is excited to be working with Heart Gallery and hopes you enjoy her world as much as we are enjoying it.


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